The KELA Tech patent technology was the brain child of Perth inventor Kelly Litterick, as a mother juggling a family and a full-time job as a cancer research scientist Kelly found herself pondering whilst braiding her daughter’s hair that there should be an easier way to hold braids and plaits, it was with this thought that she went about trying to find a solution for a problem that has been plaguing us all for 1000s of years.

Kelly finally found the solution to her dilemma and from that point on set about perfecting the technology and design to give us the wonderful products that are now available in the market place for young and old to enjoy. So now we can all have access to hair charms and chains that are specifically designed for your hair that won’t slip or cause damage. A wide range of fashion designs to choose from, suiting all markets from boho to bridal and all looks in between.

Since the development, fine tuning and success of the of the hair accessory, KELA Tech are now looking at other applications and industries that could benefit and use the same technology.

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