What is KELA Tech?

KELA Tech is transforming the hair industry with pioneering hair accessory patented technology. ‘KELA Tech’ is a simple one-action design that ensures hair jewellery to stay in place no matter what the day/night throws at it. The charm is fitted with a patented silicone insert, this technology is paving the future of the modern hair industry for stylists, brides, festival-goers, celebrities and everyday women.

The world’s first non-slip hair accessory allows everyone to emulate runway styles and celebrity looks at home in a few easy steps. Whether inspired by Gucci’s pearl-studded partings from the Cruise ’18 parade or weaving chains into a topknot like Ariana Grande, KELA Tech hair charms give infinite styling possibilities that work with all lifestyles. No longer is jewellery limited to the body.

The technology was created by Perth-based inventor Kelly Litterick who saw a gap in the market for hair jewellery that was easy to use, accessible to all and unstoppable in every style. Kelly spent three years perfecting the non-slip technology and curating the designs alongside her day job as a medical scientist. The Technology was commercially launched in early 2017, a number of brands have licensed the technology under the KELA Tech brand and KELA Tech design mark.

If you are a manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer that is interested in creating your own home-brand or creating your own collection using the KELA Tech patented technology then please contact us at: info@kelacharms.com to find out how you can be a part of this amazing new innovative technology that is set to transform the hair industry.

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